Preview: The Beths at Casa Del Popolo on 2/27

Header photo by Mason Fairey

By: Sun Noor

The New Zealand-based indie quartet are due to make their way to Montreal within the upcoming week in support of their debut record, Future Me Hates Me alongside Bad Bad Hats. For fans of indie, progressive and experimental rock, this is definitely a gig worth not missing out on.

Future Me Hates Me is quite the promising debut as it is presented as more of a completed project and offers some variety within each track in comparison to its predecessor, the”Warm Blood” EP. The album has quite an energetic tone, despite the songwriting on several of the tracks having an angsty appeal. The opening track, “Great No One” holds the record together and consists of strong harmonies throughout the chorus. Tracks such as “Heavily” as well as the title track contain punchy and distorted guitar riffs. “Happy Unhappy ” has a few shared, harmonized vocals incorporated in different pitches from the vocalists’ upper registers. Several songs such as “River Run: Lvl 1” bring some contrast into the record as it is presented as a calmer track compared to the previous ones but also builds up halfway through, transitioning into a more energetic number. Most of the lyrics are also written with a singer-songwriter approach which is quite admirable, creating a nice contrast when pared with the upbeat instrumentation that often builds up mid song. In terms of the production, the record contains an overall spacey/atmospheric sound which is very pleasing.


Album Artwork for Future Me Hates Me


Stream Future Me Hates Me below:


The Beths kick off their tour in Toronto next week and are due to make their way across America culminating this leg at Houston’s Satellite Bar. The outfit will also make their way to Australia and Europe for the next leg this spring. Click here to view all tour dates and purchase tickets to all upcoming dates.



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Watch the video for “Happy Unhappy” below

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