Hello there, I’m Sun and and welcome to my blog! I am a twenty-yearold music junkie and concert enthusiast who spends every second of her life thinking about music. I listen to all genres of music from classical and baroque music to alternative rock and punk. If i’m not listening to some tunes then I’m probably looking for the next gig I’ll attend or complain about how most bands don’t include Montreal to their tour dates. I also aspire instrumentalist someday.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved music to such extent, it has definitely consumed my life but I’m alright with that. I simply adore it, as if it could be loved in the same manner in which people love their significant others or families. My mother probably used one of those gadgets that allow for a fetus to hear music, given that she introduced me to most of my favourite band. I was probably jamming out to Slowdive and Oasis when I was merely six months old. Music has allowed me to discover other art forms such as visual arts and poetry. it was through certain artists and documentaries that I discovered so much of my favourite authors and poets. As an artist myself I tend to draw all of my inspiration for works through my favourite songs which is somewhat strange. Many of my greatest friendships have also been formed at concert venues or through our love for a certain band which is pretty cool. 

After three years of attempting to create music blogs and feeling indecisive on what direction to take on posts, I’ve finally made up my mind and decided to create For The Record! This blog simply consists of a space where I can share some of my favourite music via reviews and interviews, share my experiences at shows/festivals and help others discover artists.