Concert Review:The 1975 + The Colouring live at Parc Jean Drapeau 5.26.17


By: Sun N.


It has been nearly three years since The 1975’s first gig in Montreal at Le Métropolis de Montréal, which was the first date on their first headline North-American tour. It is evident that a lot has changed for the band since then, as managed to book relentless tours across the globe. With the release of their sophomore album that broke the the record of the longest album title of 2016, The 1975 acquired plenty of success, selling out plenty of shows including  gigs at Madison Square Garden, The O2 Arena and five back to back nights at London’s Brixton Academy,. In addition to playing larger rooms, the band also headlined a series of music festivals, which was new for the band and continued to bring their synth pop anthems and neon lights across the globe.


On Friday May 26th, The 1975 returned to Montréal to play at Parc Jean Drapeau. Since the band is quite known for bringing their label mates on tour instead of other bands, they brought Pale Waves and Colouring on tour as the support bands for both North-American and European dates this year. In fact, the band’s frontman Matty Healy stated that he was involved in the production of Pale Waves’ debut which is scheduled to be released by the end of next year. Unfortunately, Pale Waves cancelled their Montreal set, due to logistical reasons,given that their festival debut at Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival in Hull was just the day after this gig. On the other hand, The Colouring on the other hand, talked about having their debut almost ready, which is why fans were treated to a longer set from them.


Despite the harsh weather conditions and the unbearable queue that began a night prior to the show, there was nothing more satisfying than seeing those three rectangles illuminating above the stage and the newer version “The 1975” simultaneously playing as the band proceeded to take their places on stage after a three-year wait. However, this time, the set list consisted of old tunes from the self-titled and singles such as “Medicine,” as well as new favourites such as “She’s American” and “If I Believe You.” Montreal was treated to a beautiful set thanks to the bands incomparable smokey stage setup, filled with flashing lights and imagery complimenting each song. The band definitely managed to deliver a wonderful performance by bringing its audience into their own world, away from everything else.

The band’s generous set consisted of songs such as:

  1. The 1975
  2. Love Me
  3. UGH
  4. Heart Out
  5. A Change of Heart
  6. Loving Someone
  7. She’s American
  8. Please be Naked
  9. Me
  10. Fallingforyou
  11. Medicine
  12. Somebody Else
  13. Sex
  14. Girls
  15. If I Believe You
  16. Chocolate
  17. The Sound


Here’s a clip of The 1975 performing  “Loving Someone.”

Enjoy x




Concert Review: Slowdive and Japanese Breakfast at L’Olympia 5.6.17


By Sun N.

On Friday May 5th, the legendary shoegaze-trailblazers, Slowdive finally released a fourth self-titled album. This marked the first time in nearly twenty-two years since the band has put out new material, making this new album quite highly- anticipated.  Not only did they manage surprise their fans with two singles prior to their album earlier this year, they also revealed a list of  North- American and European tour dates.

Slowdive essentially got back together in 2014 after being offered to play a slot at Spain’s Primavera Sound Festival after adding additional Asian, North American and European tour dates. However, they have not released anything during within that period, given that they claimed to have been working on a new album.

At first like most fans, I wished the track list would have consisted of more than eight songs but after spending the entire album release day playing Slowdive on repeat, it became more evident that the album was incredible the way it was. In fact, the band treated Montreal fans to an album signing and meet and greet before their gig at the Aux 33 Tours record shop, since that show was the day after their album release. It was such a surreal experience getting to meet the direct source of my favourite albums and the individuals that inspired me to start experimenting with sounds at a young age and discover bands within the same genre. The fact that they stuck around a littler longer than scheduled and hung around the venue to greet fans queued up for the show also proved how humble people they truly are.

In addition, getting the opportunity to meet some of my favourite musicians of all time and have a short chat with them was not only nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time but showed how excited passionate they were as well. The fact that they took the time out of their fairly busy schedule to meet everyone that showed up even though they did a similar event the day before in Toronto. It was quite the treat to be able to attend an event like this, since artists do not usually do signings at local record shops here.

Earlier this year, Slowdive were joined by one of my favourite psychedelic rock bands, Ulrika Spacek. Nonetheless, the shoegazers had Japanese Breakfast (Michelle Zauner from Little Big League’s solo project) for the North-American leg of the tour. Watching them play from a relatively larger stage than the Bar le Ritz which they previously played, really enhanced their sound and was very pleasant. The audience was capable of enjoying the music without having to worry about whether they would have to remain as far away from the stage in order to hear the songs.


The Slowdive setlist consisted of our favourite songs from all four albums. The banded opted to incorporate only a handful of their newest songs instead of focusing on them more. The crowd was also treated to a lovely cover of Syd Barrett’s “Golden Hair” before returned on stage for an encore.

The set list for the Montreal show was comprised of:

  1.  Slowmo
  2. Catch the breeze
  3. Crazy for you
  4. Star roving
  5. Machine gun
  6. Souvlaki
  7. Avalon
  8. When the sun hits
  9. Alison
  10. Sugar for the pill
  11. She calls
  12. Golden Hair
  13. Slowdive
  14. No longer making time
  15. 40 days

Here’s a clip from the show of Slowdive performing their newest single, “Star Roving.”

Enjoy x

Concert Review: Mac DeMarco and Tonstartssbadht at Le Métropolis de Montréal 5/10/17 +Video clip 


By: Sun N.

Mac DeMarco’s fifth LP, This Old Dog, was undoubtedly of the most anticipated albums in indie rock this year.  Not only did the multi instrumentalist decide to tour the album immediately, but also decided to go on an extensive tour around both Europe and North America, which kicked off in May up and will go on until the fall. Several bands including The Garden and Tonstartssbandht will join DeMarco on tour until his joint tour with the Flaming Lips across America this fall before going back to Europe once again. It seems like quite the busy schedule for someone who’s a “Slacker” although DeMarco is known for touring extensively even without releasing anything within that time period.


Mac DeMarco performing “This Old Dog”

On Wednesday May 11th, DeMarco finally returned to Montreal to play two sold out, back-to-back shows at the Metropolis. It was the first time in nearly three times that he played a show here, hence why there was another date added. I got to meet DeMarco before soundcheck and ask him a few questions regarding the process of working on the album. He states that he began working on this body of work later last year and finished it around Christmas time, which seems rather quick for quite a raw album. It appears that the album deals with a lot more of his personal problems, allowing for many of his auditors to relate. He also opted out from pitching his voice which was a pleasant change, given that his soft voice and the use of synthesizers in more of the songs compliment each other well. In fact, “Moonlight on the River” which is my favourite track culminates with a long psychedelic outro that sounds so heavenly live. Songs from Rock and Roll Nightclub were also removed from his set lists for that same reason.

Concert Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen Live at Théàtre Corona 5.5.17 + Video Clip


By: Sun N.

Catfish and the Bottlemen finally returned to Montreal to play the second show of their North American Spring tour on Wednesday Night. It has been nearly two years since the band’s debut here at Osheaga. Given that I often find myself travelling for their gigs, it felt quite refreshing to have them play a show in my hometown, since I’ve been waiting for ages for this to happen.


The band performing “Tyrants.”

The first time I saw Catfish was in a tiny bar with a capacity that only held 100 people somewhere in Toronto alongside a few of my friends. Overtime I witnessed them play some of the biggest festivals including Glastonbury back in 2015 and Austin City Limits  within the same year. Seeing them evolve over the years has truly been blissful, as the band has been relentlessly touring since the beginning of their careers. It’s nice to finally see a hard-working band get the recognition they deserve, especially among such a wide audience.