NAO’s Saturn World Tour Stops by Montreal!

By: Sun Noor

After kicking off the new year with an extensive North American tour, NAO made her way back to Montreal, playing to a packed audience at the Corona Theatre this time around. She was joined by R&B/soul artists Xavier Omär for this leg of the tour who put on quite the groovy and captivating performance.

Xavier Omar

Before taking the stage, NAO opened her set by singing her passionate rendition of “Another Lifetime” into the crowd, which made for such a memorable moment. It was as if she managed to automatically light up the dim-lit venue and grab everyone in the audience’s attention with her soulful, high-pitched voice soon as everyone realized that she was stood near the soundboard at the back of the venue. She was undoubtedly capable of transmitting her radiant energy and excitement to the crowd momentarily after expressing her gratitude for such an inviting audience after proceeding to continue with her banter. Interestingly, she even brought out the balloons referenced in her music video during “Making it Out Alive,” passing them along to the people in the front row, bringing that concept to life. She then proceeded to continue her generous set by playing some fan favourites such as “Fool to Love,” which had everyone dancing and even threw in “Firefly” which features Mura Masa before culminating her lengthy yet delightful performance. Despite having such an detailed stage set up beaming with fluorescent lights, NAO remained the focal point of the show, given her constant interaction with the audience and her ability to control the energy in the room with every song. NAO set list essentially consisted of the perfect collection of songs from her discography, which made for such a lovely gig and definitely cured our January blues.

NAO is set to complete this North American leg of the “Saturn World Tour” within the next couple of days, making her final stop in Atlanta before gearing up for the European leg in March. Click here to view all tour dates!

Here are more photos from the show:

Watch the video for “Make it Out Alive” below:

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