Kodaline Make Their Well-Awaited Return to Montreal!

By: Sun Noor

Despite experiencing a delay in making it to Montreal in time for their show, Kodaline managed to exceed the expectations with regards to their return. Last night’s show marked nearly three years since the Dublin-based quartet played two back to back sold out gigs in Montreal, which only built up the excitement surrounding their comeback. The band was also joined by Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Standoff for this leg of their tour.

After culminating an extensive European tour in support of their highly anticipated third record, The Politics of Living earlier this fall, the band made their way back to North America. In addition to playing a handful of sold out dates, the alternative rock outfit played several dates in various cities including Montreal once again at the Corona Theatre. Despite not playing as much attention to their stage set up, the band kept things even more minimal at least for a few shows by performing without their usual backdrop. This allowed the audience’s focus to be directly aimed at the band. Their set managed to give off a more intimate appeal even though the venue was quite packed. Kodaline’s generous set contained a vast collection of songs from all three of their records including many fan favourites and an acoustic rendition of “The One” which made for such a nostalgic gig.

Kodaline’s set list consisted of :

  1. “Follow Your Fire”
  2. “Brand New Day”
  3. “Ready”
  4. “Honest”
  5. “Brother”
  6. “Shed a Tear”
  7. “Head Held High”
  8. “The One”
  9. “Angel”
  10. “Wouldn’t Be”
  11. “Love Like This”
  12. “One Day”
  13. “Hell Froze Over”
  14. “Raging” (Kygo cover)
  15. “Love Will Set You Free”
  16. “All I Want”
  17. “High Hopes”

Stream The Politics of Living below:

Here are more photos from the show:

Watch the video for “Head Held High” below:

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