Beach House Bring Their Dreamy, Atmospheric Sounds to Toronto’s Sony Center

By: Sun Noor

My favourite Baltimorean dream pop duo, Beach House brought their spacious sounds to Toronto’s Sony Center last night for a highly anticipated performance in support of their latest cinematic masterpiece, 7.


Jason Robert Quever’s solo project, Papercuts joined Beach House on tour once again for the remainder of the tour. Interestingly, Quever was featured on 7, engineering both “Loose Your Smile” and “Woo.” The audience was treated to a night of excitement, given their return but also because for many this meant finally getting to hear some of the songs off the new record (which essentially soundtracked my Spring) for the first time! As well, there were elements of nostalgia equally present in the room since their setlist consisted of tracks from every record in their extensive catalogue, leaving many in a reminiscent mood.

Both Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally made it quite clear that they are more interested in people focusing on their music more than anything, which explains why they appear as silhouettes on stage, obscured by ominous lighting with the occasional fluorescent glow flashing from the backdrop. Despite the the fact that seated venues normally make artists appear to be further away from the audience, given the amount of extra space in the room, the pair most definitely did not lack presence. Aside from hearing the band perform “Girl of the Year” and “Lemon Glow,” my favourite numbers from the record, Legrand jokingly exclaiming something along the lines of the show going on for the entirety of the night, calling it a “perverted sleepover” before taking that back and proceeding to continuing with the set truly made my night. In fact, most of the audience probably would not have any against watching them play until the early morning. In fact, extending the set would have allowed them to play their entire discography including the B-Sides and Rarities they released last year, which to me sounds like a dream! Nonetheless, all good things must eventually come to an end.

Beach House’ set list consisted of:

  1. “Levitation”
  2. “Wild”
  3. “PPP”
  4. “Dark Spring”
  5. “Heart of Chambers”
  6. “Lazuli”
  7. “L’Inconnue”
  8. “Myth”
  9. “Rough Song”
  10. “Sparks”
  11. “Girl of the Year”
  12. “Space Song”
  13. “Wishes”
  14. “Drunk in LA”
  15. “Wildflower”
  16. “Lemon Glow”
  17. “Walk in the Park” (encore)
  18. “Dive” (encore)

The band is due to finish up their remaining US tour dates before embarking on the European leg of this tour. Click here to purchase tickets to any of their upcoming shows.

Stream 7 below:

Here are more photos from the show:

Watch the video for Beach House’s “Black Car” below:

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