Best of Canadian Music Week 2018: Hinds and Goodbye Honolulu!

By Sun Noor

I got the chance to attend the final day of Canadian Music Week in Toronto and managed to catch the final show which featured local indie rockers Goodbye Honolulu and Madrid’s four piece garage rock outfit, Hinds!

Canadian Music Week usually takes place throughout the first week of May and consists of multiple showcases and other events in different venues all over Toronto. This years stellar lineup included some of my favourite artists such as Liam Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Starcrawler and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

I made my way to Toronto on Sunday afternoon to catch the last two showcases; Liam Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft’s sets at the Sony Center first and then Hinds and Goodbye Honolulu at the Horseshoe Tavern. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated showcase at the Sony Center was cancelled due to lighting issues in the venue being a safety hazard. Despite this disappointing arrangement, things managed to work out for the best. Initially, I planned on only watching some of Liam Gallagher’s set, in order to make it to the Horseshoe on time to at least catch the last few minutes of Goodbye Honolulu so that I would be able to see all four artists perform. Besides, two gigs in one night always tends to become annoying as the odds of everything going smoothly are very unlikely. The entire process of running to one venue from another is also quite exhausting.

Goodbye Honolulu put on quite a set, transmitting their energy into the crowd as soon as they made their way to the stage in matching red jackets. The the four piece sang a handful of catchy, guitar-driven songs from their latest EP No Honey, which was released last year. Watching the Hinds girls in the crowd signing and dancing along to their music was also very sweet. They have previously mentioned how they have became very close with Goodbye Honolulu ever since they first played a show together a few years back. It was nice to see how supportive they were of their friends and they might have been the most excited people in the crowd, which goes to show how they know how to have a good time.

The vibe completely changed in the venue as soon as Hinds took the stage, starting their lengthy and enjoyable set off with “The Club.” At this point the jam-packed venue has gotten even fuller, radiating this energy that was quite similar to the one being exerted by the band. Whether it was coming from the front row of our-of-town girls or the photographers singing along while snapping pictures, the entire room appeared to be captivated by the music. In fact, guitarist and vocalist Ana Perrote mentioned that it was their first time playing in Canada with a full length record available. The fact that they managed to sell out the majority of their tour and that the Toronto date was one of the first dates to sell out first called for a special celebratory dance dedicated to the crowd.

The Spanish rockers released their sophomore record entitled I don’t Run about a month prior to their North-American tour, which has become one of my favourite records of the year thus far. Some elements from the first record such as catchy guitar melodies and the high energy can also be found in this album. Nonetheless, the subject manner is quite different as it exerts femininity and female empowerment as a whole, which appears to be an important concept to the band. Songs such as “Tester” and “Finally Floating” which depict unhealthy relationships reinforce the notion of mistreatment not being something to settle with. Lead vocalist Carlotta Cosials also mentioned to the crowd how unfair it is for women especially girls to become accustomed to the unhappiness caused by pain in difficult relationships unfair when introducing these songs. The band managed to generate positivity throughout their set which was also quite refreshing. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing these women spread empowerment through their music, as that becomes a source of inspiration. Aside from their catchy tunes, that is probably what I love most about the band! As well, I cannot recall the last time I walked out of a venue after a show feeling utterly inspired. The energy found at Hinds shows is definitely one of a long and exceedingly intoxicating in the most pleasant manner.

The most amusing part of the their set was during the pre chorus, when Carlotta handed her guitar over to Max (Goodbye Honolulu’s drummer) and opted to sing their cover of “Davy Crockett” directly at the crowd before jumping into it. The rest of the Goodbye Honolulu members also proceeded to make their way back onto the stage to dance while causing a bit of havoc even though they were quite entertaining. I am definitely looking forward to their next show together.

Here are some photos of of both Goodbye Honolulu and Hinds’ sets:

Click here to download/stream I Don’t Run and click here to look at Hinds’ remaining tour dates.

Watch the video for “Finally Floating” below.

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