Land of Talk Releases New Single, Calming Night Partner

Listen to the title track of the band’s upcoming EP due on November 12th via Dine Alone Records and Saddle Creek.

On this upcoming EP, Land of Talk continues to expand on their adventurous and lush sound while also shedding light on darker realities through their songwriting. The lush guitar strums and dreamy instrumentation creates a comforting and therapeutic atmosphere, which pairs well with the reflective lyrics. The soft sounds paired with the dark imagery appears to be explored throughout the project. In a way, the calming music creates a space where trauma can be explored without overpowering the mood of the EP.

Calming Night Partner came about around the same time as their previous full length Indistinct Conversations, where Elisabeth Powell found themselves embracing their newfound identity as a non-binary femme and coming into terms with oppressive constructs.

Calming Night Partner is available for pre-order here.

Listen to Calming Night Partner below:

Header photo credit: Melissa Gamache

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