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Montreal’s MUTEK Kicks off Tomorrow!

The multidisciplinary, international festival of digital creativity and electronic music is back with its 22nd edition.

Between Tuesday August 24 to Sunday September 5th, over 250 artists will bring 100 performances and 50 art installations in various venues around Montreal. The majority of these art installations have not yet been unveiled before, making this occasion extra special. This edition is also hybrid meaning certain events such as the Virtual Wonders showcase remain strictly digital. These works can be viewed through the festival’s virtual platform, that will also be open to spectators from across the globe.


MUTEK’s Exhibition will literally animate some of Montreal’s parks, streets and cultural spaces with A free program. As well, the Experience Series, which consist of free outdoor shows at Quartier des Spectacles. This program celebrates the plurality of electronic music and consists of 25 live performances and DJ sets that explore the nuance of electronic music. The lineup consists of various artists who make ambient, techno, improvisation and house music such as Echönymphia, Debbie Doe, Ouri, G L O W Z I, Martyn Bootyspoon and many more.

Various other performances will be presented in-person at Place des Arts’ Cinquième Salle, MTELUS and the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) venue. Check out the complete list of performers.

Some of the artists that will perform at this edition of MUTEK


Similar to the eclectic and diverse selection of musical performances, MUTEK’s art component is just as jam-packed and consists of various different multidisciplinary projects. The Exhibition series will take place at 6 locations around the city’s downtown area, presenting a series of digital art installations that are part of the Digital Detox project. This exhibition views the theme of detoxification through a critical lens and various angles through the different installations. Various local and international artists will also present 27 interactive, audiovisual and augmented reality digital works in both outdoor and indoor settings.

The SAT will present 14 different projects that push technological boundaries, creating stunning, immersive and critical works. These projects take on various forms such as 80s video game arcades-inspired projects, light work, sound exploration and robotic works. Themes such as identity, marginality and the end of the world are also explored through these various mediums. The full art program can be viewed here.

This year’s edition of MUTEK has plenty of artistic experiences to be immersed in as well as something for everyone to enjoy. To purchase festival tickets, click here.

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