L.A Foster Unveils two new Singles, Damn Love and New Life

The Montreal-based singer song writer returns today with two new songs.

L.A Foster is known her alluring motifs such as stories of darkness before reaching the light and the balance of good and bad, dark and light, misery and glory as well as life’s eternal struggle. Those themes are very apparent in this new release.

Both “Damn Love” and “New Life” are songs about uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. “Damn Love,” alludes to the chaos of the world and having to still make room for love and not disregard that.

She mentions, “Damn love is a song about that, what’s next, especially considering what we’ve all just been through with the pandemic. It’s a big mess but there’s so much damn love….we are very resilient us humans, and we are reckoning with some much… What will we make out of this?

Artwork for both tracks by Beaver Sheppard

“New Life” is more of a B-side tune, going in depth on dealing with addiction and the darkness around that. The track alludes to navigating that difficult journey and contemplating whether love is still possible when healing.

These two tracks serve as a preview to L.A Foster upcoming full-length record in collaboration with Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy). The album is due sometime in 2022.

The visual for “Damn Love” consists of various travel shots L.A Foster took during her time in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paris, Barcelona, U.K and Montreal. It takes the format of a travel diary that pays homage to pre-pandemic life.

Download/stream both tracks here.

Watch the video for “Damn Love” below:

Header photo credit: Dmitry Uchitel

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