Watch the Visual for Can’t Let go, Latest Single from Laroie

Following the release of her self-titled debut EP last year, the Montreal-based artist returns with a brilliant new track featuring producer Gene Tellem.

“Can’t Let go,” is one of the first tracks written by Laroie when she was first discovering herself as a soloist. This single is a testament of her artistic ability as she fuses elements from the music that had greatly influenced her such as 90s house music, dance, pop and garage.

The visual accompaniment for this alluring single was filmed in a long sequence by director Maïlis Roy-Lessard and consists of Laroie dancing in an empty setting. She explores choreography as a liberating and cathartic art form, liberating her from the vicious cycle of the emotions leading to resentment. She adds, “I feel like with this new release, people will see my true self. The songwriting comes from a very special place in my heart and it also showcases inspirations that are really rooted in me. I’m so happy to share a song that resonates with every ounce of my soul and so I want people to connect to it.

Download/stream “Can’t Let Go” here.

Watch the video for “Can’t Let Go” below:

Header photo by Samuel Pasquier.

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