Currently Spinning: Les Shirley’s Debut Record

The Montreal-based power punk trio alternated between the present and past with their nostalgic, yet refreshing tunes on Forever is Now.

By Sun Noor

With Forever is Now, the power-trio strived to show off their bold artistic choices with the inclusion of 80’s synthesizers, autotune and dancing percussion elements. In fact, they shifted away from their comfort zone, bringing on new collaborators such as Simon Kearney and Marc Chartrain onto this project.

Upon first listen, Forever is Now plays as a cathartic record which remains consistent all throughout. Many of tracks take on the form of pop punk songs from the early 2000s fused with modern pop and post-punk music. It is evident that the band opted to explore their various artistic ideas, instead of taking on the form of a traditional punk record.

Album cover for Forever is Now

The record commences with “Fuck It I’m In Love,” encapsulates the unapologetic tone of the record, presenting a generous dose of healthy aggression. Right off the bat, the band’s vivid imagery and descriptive lyricism allows for each track to be presented as a different story, carrying the record through.

The energy continues to build with “Easy Target,” and “Sadgirlsclub” the albums loudest number, which gets right to the point. Les Shirley explore a wide range of themes that revolve around love, female empowerment, conspiracies, making them punks with a purpose aside from criticism.

In fact, there are various moments where the trio is not afraid to show vulnerability, which is evident on “Courtney.””Forever is Now” is comprised of alluring harmonies. The trio tone things down a bit with. “Pick up the Phone” featuring singer/songwriter Pascale Picard, who they consider an idol who has greatly impacted the band. This acoustic ballad perfectly closes out the album.

Forever is Now is a testament of how Les Shirley evolved over the years without driving away from their initial vision of creating an energetic, lively yet introspective music.

Download/stream Forever is Now here.

Header photo by Camille Gladu-Drouin.

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