TDA Unveils Debut Album and Releases a New Single

TDA consists of multi-instrumentalist Samuel Gougoux (VICTIME, Corridor, N NAO, Jonathan Personne) is Michel Records’ newest addition and will release his debut record Ascète on April 23rd.

Formerly known as Trafic des airs, Samuel Gougoux, returns with his latest single “Présence” as TDA. This track explores industrial, experiemental and no wave music and presents a glimpse of what to expect on Ascète. The track consists of jolted percussions building up to an overpowering guitar riff. The song refers to the inherent desire that drives human beings. Gougoux adds “Présence’ is the portrait of a well-presented table. This piece is a reminder of the effort that evaporates into pleasure. Was it worth it? It’s a chalkboard to remind us that hunger is always lurking.”

Album artwork for Ascète.

Watch the video for “Présence” below:

Header photo credit: Naomie de Lorimie

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