Watch Bon Enfant’s Visual for Magie

The Montreal-based collective unveiled the music video for their track “Magie” off of their self-titled debut album from 2019.

Bon Enfant offers a timeless collection of groovy pop tunes with a cathartic element, reinforcing the idea that it is okay to still have fun as the world collapses. Before proceeding to unveil new material, the band decided to revisit their debut and release a new visual.

The music video was directed by Ian Lagarde and produced by Parce Que Films. With “Magie” being one of the most psychedelic numbers off the album, the music video encapsulates the sentiment evoked from the music. The band drew inspiration from Kenneth Anger films and The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky in particular. They mention, “We really wanted our video to be a pure psychedelic and occult delirium with an overdose of colors and optical effects (…) we think Ian and the filming crew really nailed it.” 

Bon Enfant also have a few Quebec tour dates planned for this year:

04.09.2021 @ Vieux Couvent in Saint-Prime QC04.10.2021 @ Café du Clocher in Alma

QC09.10.2021 @ Grand Théâtre in Quebec city (with Mon Doux Saigneur)

10.01.2021 + 10.02.2021 @ MTelus in Montreal (with Mon Doux Saigneur) *

All the shows will respect distancing measured enforced by the government. You can purchase tickets to these shows here.

Watch the Visual for “Magie” here:

Header photo by Eva-Maude TC.

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