Simon Provencher Unveils His Debut Single, Choix Multiples

The multi-instrumentalist is due to release his debut EP “Measures” on March 26th via Michel Records.

Provencher who is known for is work as the lead guitarist in the noisy, dance-punk group VICTIME, explores the limits of his instruments through experimental electro-acoustic guitar compositions. “Measures,” consists of a layered, freeform jazz record paired with electro-acoustics, reverberations and guitar loops.

“Choix Multiples,” which translates as multiple choice is a reference to the four parts of a clarinet that share a melody through the stereo field, becoming more interconnected as song moves forward. Interestingly, the track was written in three distinct parts. The song starts off with high energy, introducing an overwhelming percussion that obscures the elements of guitar and diffused clarinet. The guitars reverberations become more apparent as the track goes on, the cymbals are also introduced towards the end as the drums fade out.

Single artwork for “Choix Multiples” by Camile Bertini.

“Measures,” originally began as a lonesome project but developed as an outlet for a creative collaboration. The EP features musicians Elyze Venne-Deshaies on the clarinet and Olivier Fairfield of Fet.Nat on percussion. “Choix Multiples” examines how each instrument complement each other without taking over.

Preorder “Mesures,” here.

Listen to “Choix Multiples,” below:

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