Listen to Sounds from Mothland Vol 1

The Montreal-based label, management and booking agency have released their first mixtape featuring 15 artists from their roster.

By: Sun Noor

This compilation record plays as an 80s inspired mixtape containing various garage-rock, post-punk and psych rock tracks that flow together. Some of the artists featured in the mix are Paul Jacobs (Pottery), Yoo Doo Right, Spaceface (Flaming Lips), Red Mass and many more!

Sounds From Mothland Volume I is available on all streaming platforms, as well as in the format of a limited edition cassette which can be purchased here. The graphics featured are designed by Paul Jacobs and the mystery insert in the cassette is by artist Elie Chap.

The mix runs fo 67 minutes and track list consists of:

1. Gladys Lazer – ONN
2. Paul Jacobs – Thanks
3. Birds Of Paradise – Money Trees
4. Yoo Doo Right РMarch̩ Pt. 3
(Ft. Jasmine Trails)
5. Jessica93 – Enigma Of The Absolute
(Dead Can Dance Cover)
6. Atsuko Chiba – I Just…
7. Black Legary – Progenburger
8. The High Dials – Near Life Experience
9. Spaceface – Chemical Sea (Wash Me Away)
10. Le Prince Harry – Sea Of Trees
11. Red Mass – FYI I Am A Dying City
12. VICTIME – Oui merci
13. Crabe – Un vrai maniak du blues
14. UUBBUURRUU – Spirit Of The Black Hole
15. Sunwatchers – Zygotic Boogie
(Live At Death By Audio, 2014)

Download/stream Sounds From Mothland Volume I here.

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