RSD Picks: Bombino Live in Amsterdam

Bombino’s live set at the Melkweg venue last fall was released today as part of the Record Store Day Drops via Partisan Records.

By: Sun Noor

Following the release of his Grammy-nominated record, Deran, Bombino returns with his first live album. The record takes the form of a collection of Bombino’s tour setlist, which is the perfect format.

The Tuareg guitarist has been raved about over the years for his impeccable guitar playing ability and poetic lyrics sang in his native Tamasheq language. This live format gives off a nostalgic vibe for those who have been attending his gigs over the years, while allowing first time listeners to get a more authentic glimpse of Bombino’s work. The virtuoso’s records have always been solid but experiencing those songs played as they were intended in front of an audience with idiosyncrasies that are not present in his records is refreshing.

Live in Amsterdam showcases Bombino’s many faces in music as he fuses elements from various genres such as rock, blues, folk and funk to create such an alluring soundscape. The subtle cheers from the crowd adds to the record as well, allowing for the album to feel like an experience.

Download/stream Live from Amsterdam here.

Watch the live performance for “Imajghane,” below:

Header photo courtesy of Partisan Records

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