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Maryze and Backxwash Join Forces with Squelettes

The Montreal-based artists released their haunting track right on time for spooky season.

By: Sun Noor

After premiering this bilingual banger at POP Montreal a few weeks ago, Maryze and Backxwash release their collaboration. “Squelettes,” which translates as skeletons, is a dark, experimental number consisting of Maryze’s dreamy vocals and ethereal melodies paired with an explosive and layered rap verse from Backxwash.

In terms of context, the song reflects on how negative addiction can be and the process of confronting inner demons. The pair also teamed up with producer Margo to create this genre-bending number.

Single artwork for “Squelettes.”

This track was also produced in this current, chaotic climate, which quite fitting. Maryze also explores new grounds with this glitchy track, hinting at what to expect for her upcoming debut LP which is due next summer via Hot Tramp Records.

Purchase/stream to “Squelettes,” here

Header photo by √Člyse Laplante.

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