Janette King Unveils a Visual for her Single, Mars

The Montreal-based alternative-R&B artist released her self-produced music video for her latest single which was filmed by Austin Wrench and Patrick Watson.

By: Sun Noor

“Mars,” was released back in August and marked the first release through Hot Tramp Records, a new record label formed by Sarah Armiento of Hot Tramp Management.

The video for the single consists of a DIY-styled black and white music video featuring King and her friends at various locations around Montreal The video stars, Hana Nagel, Jonathan Grandison, Da Nielle and Uzoma. The clips show multiple alluring dance sequences choreographed by King, power poses and King and her friends hanging out.

When asked about the context for “Mars,” King explains explains, “I never really write about sex but I wanted this video to focus on sensuality between black people in a not so serious way. Highlighting both my queerness and my cheekiness.”

Janette King’s debut LP is due sometime early year via Hot Tramp Records. She will also be performing a showcase at POP Montreal next week which is sold out!

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Watch the video for “Mars,” below:

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