SUUNS Share the Lead Single Titled PRAY off of Their Upcoming EP

The Trio’s EP, “FICTION,” is due on October 30th via Secret City Records and Joyful Noise Recordings.

“PRAY” was part of the band’s recording process with their third LP Hold/Still which was recorded in 2015. “It didn’t make the cut, probably because we loved it so much and thought we had an even better version of it in us. We subsequently tried to record multiple versions of this song, none of which captured the unhinged energy of this live-off-the-floor performance. Discovering this lost jam and its power felt like a reminder to keep in the moment and to trust ourselves – you just have to keep moving forward,” says the band’s drummer Liam O’Neill.

Album Artwork for “FICTION”

In terms of their sound, SUUNS whose music constantly explores new sounds and techniques, which is quite apparent in “PRAY.” The track slowly builds up as different sounds are fused together, creating a pleasant soundscape.

With “FICTION,” the band went over their previous creative process for the preceding records while adding new techniques and ideas. The EP undoubtedly plays with elements of future/past, given how it’s creation deals with reflecting, re-imaging and re-framing concepts. All six tracks consists of a a re-worked version of of a live recording.

SUUNS also sought out inspiration from outside with this project. Radwan Ghazi Moumneh of Jerusalem In My Heart collaborated with the band on “BREATHE,” and Amber Webber of Lightning Dust is featured on “DEATH.” The band were also inspired by Frank Zappa with “TROUBLE EVERY DAY.”

The “FICTION,” EP is a glimpse of what is yet to be released from the band next year.

Download/ stream “PRAY,” here.

Pre-order “FICTION,” here.

Header photo of SUUNS by Joseph Yarmush

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