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Parcels Unveil Their First Live Album

Berlin’s experimental pop quintet released the live rendition of tracks from both their debut record and “Hideout,” EP that captures the essence of their gigs.

By: Sun Noor

Parcels recorded a live set at Hansa Studios in Berlin before the COVID-19 outbreak, which consisted of 18 tracks on tape. The record mostly follows their live set from the past couple of tours. There is also a visual accompaniment that showcases their performance.

Anyone who has been to a Parcel’s gig knows how the live experience is equivalent to a more enhanced version of their studio records. Between the use of additional arrangements, perfect transitions and the various jams in between songs, audience members are in for a superb set.The band also manages to add elements to their tracks without dragging it. The set appear to be less structured around following the details of each song and flows freely, exploring different textures with the fusion of both digital and analogue equipment and new techniques.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.52.34 PM
Album artwork by Jean Raclet

The album commences with “Enter,” a jam track that resembles a toned down version of “Everyroad,” which transitions to “Myenemy.” The percussion heavy rendition of that number then follows “Bemyself,” with its guitar melodies. My favourite track on the album is “Gamesofluck,” as it more bass and guitar driven. The outro also builds up to more upbeat bass synths before shifting the track into a more smoother direction, into “Intrude.” With concerts being held off at the moment, Live Vol. 1, could not have surfaced in a more timely manner.

Download/stream Live Vol. 1 here.

Watch the complete performance at Hansa Studios below:

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