Watch Moses Sumney’s Alluring Rendition of his unreleased track, Conveyer.

The artist stopped by the Moog Sound Lab alongside his full band in Asheville, North Carolina to perform an unreleased track off his upcoming record, græ.

By Sun Noor

Moses Sumney’s rendition of this track appears to be one of his most idiosyncratic song and overall beautifully put together. “Conveyer,” consists of staccato percussion and synth elements throughout the verses paired with subtle string arrangements. Sumney also demonstrates his wide vocal range that is amplified throughout the chorus. The song gradually builds up to a crescendo towards the end of the chorus with the instrumentation.

In terms of gear for this performance, Sumney’s vocals are processed through the Moog 16 Channel Vocoder and the Matriarch synthesizer, which enhance his vocals. The stunning rhythmic patterns are also created using a looper pedal by manipulating vocals.

He is joined by musicians Zach Cooper on bass, Mike Haldeman on guitar, Darian Thomas on violin, and Ian Chang on drums and sensory percussion.

græ record will consist of various diverse collaborations and will mark his first body of work written in his new home in Asheville.

Album artwork for græ

Sumney will divide the release of græ, in two parts; the first portion of the record will be available on February 21st, while the complete body of work is due on May 15th via JagJagwuar Records.

Click here to download/stream Sumney’s latest singles click here

Watch Moses Sumney’s live rendition of “Conveyer,” below:

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