A Chat With Carlyn Bezic of Ice Cream

By: Sun Noor

Toronto’s experimental electro-pop due Ice Cream have recently returned with Fed Up, the follow up to their debut record, Love, Ice Cream which was released back in 2016. The duo consist of musicians and vocalists Carlyn Bezic and Amanda Crist who are best known for their layered synths, melodic guitar riffs and catchy tunes that undoubtedly compliments their peculiar visuals and lively stage presence. Bezic and Crist undoubtedly made their mark with the first record, presenting a different experiment with each track with their idosyncratic sound that consists of subtle synths, guitar licks, and an overall raw sound, which resembled that of a live set. Fed Up still holds the same alluring song structure but with a more crisp production. The record also presents itself as more punchy in terms of the instrumental arrangements as the guitar, synths and percussion elements all appear more prominent without being too overpowering and drawing listeners away from the vocals. It appears that duo managed to develop their sound while maintaining that same experimental quality with this number. I caught up with Carlyn Bezic a few days before the duo were due to play their Taverne Tour set last weekend, in order to discuss their latest record.


Fed Up has been released for a few months now how do you feel about that?

“Good, we’ve been working on it for a while so I’m glad it’s finally out! The response has been great so far and we’re excited about that.”

This release marks your fist one few years following your debut, have you been working on the album consistently from that point on.

“We’ve worked on it over different periods of times. There’s like a mix of both older and new songs on the album since we didn’t know whether we were going to put out an EP or a full length at first. We put out two tracks before on a different project. Also, some of the songs on the album are pretty old and we’ve been working on them for a while now. There are others like “Peanut Butter” which are quite recent too.”

Was there even an element on uncertainty/challenges with the record if so how did you overcome that?

“We weren’t ever uncertain about the path we were taking or wether the songs fit well on the album together. The only feeling of uncertainty we’d felt was regarding how we were going to release it, whether it would be through a label or if we’d just release it ourselves.”

Ice Cream at last year’s edition of POP Montreal


Your record takles multiple themes like a critique of consumerism with Doves Cry and female empowerment with banana split, did you guys plan on exploring those themes or did they come about organically?

“I think it depends on how we’re feeling. We often write mostly about details from our lives, what happens around us or how we feel in the moment. I don’t think we focus on concepts or themes a lot when we’re working on stuff as we tend to just focus on what we’re going through.”



You also directed the video for “Doves Cry,” was the visual element something you considered while working on the song?

“Kind of. I was thinking of weird visuals that would be fit the song for the music video and this idea of people washing came to mind. It reminded me of this obsession that people have about always having to be washed and what that means. It’s also about what these soap companies constantly try to sell to people.”

What are some of your current favourite records?

“I’ve been really into Mariah Carey’s The Emancipation of Mimi record a lot lately.”


Click here to Download/stream Fed Up.

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