Watch Solange’s Alluring Mini Concert on Fallon

By: Sun Noor

With the  directors cut edition of Solange’s critically acclaimed record, When I Get Home being released in the upcoming week, the multi-faceted artist payed a visit to The Tonight Show in order to perform a medley of tracks from the album.

Solange’s performance began with an illuminating rendition of “Taking on the Light,” characterized by perfect additional harmonies which complimented the subtle brass instrumentation and soft staccato synths. The soft blue lights then quickly faded to a brighter light, introducing the contrast of the stage set up, shifting the performers to be the focal point. The transition towards the following track, “Down With the Clique,” consisted of a synchronized dance that took place both on the foreground and the background of Solange’s current minimalistic stage set up. The cowgirls are then introduced onto the set, which immediately caught my eye as Solange’s record contains plenty of visuals celebrating black cowboys/cowgirls, paying homage to her Texan roots. She also lassoed the mic before jumping in to perform “Binz,” which is another fan favourite. The second half of the performance also contained more elements of freestyle, as the brass players dancing during the rendition of “Almeda.” Solange then toned the theatrics down momentarily for her final song. The light focussed on her and the sequenced covered dancer for the reprisal of  “Taking on the Light” similar to a reprisal before culminating the performance with more freestyle dancing.


Watch Solange’s enthralling performance below:


Header photograph of Solange taken by Collier Schorr.

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