Arkells Culminate their Canadian Tour at MTelus!

By: Sun Noor

After kicking off the Canadian leg of their highly anticipated “Rally Cry” tour a few weeks ago in Edmonton, Arkells made their way back to Montreal for quite a memorable performance. This tour marked among the band’s largest set of Canadian shows, as they played a series of stadiums such as Toronto’s Scotiabank arena alongside a couple of venues. Nevertheless, the band still managed to put on an arena-style show with their alluring stage set up and lengthy performance in this theatre setting, undoubtedly giving it their all.

Arkells were joined by the American folk band, Lord Huron for this leg of the tour. After playing quite the alluring set last summer at Osheaga festival, the band made their return by playing a fuller set, incorporating the majority of the songs off their latest full length record, Vide Noir. Interestingly, they included “Way out There,” one of the tracks that is not often found on their set list, which consisted of a dreamy and theremin solo echoing across the venue.

Ben Schneider of Lord Huron

Last night’s show definitely made Tuesday nights the new Saturday. Despite playing their largest and most grandiose Montreal show to date, Arkells’ performance was quite nostalgic, leaving many fans to reminiscing about their previous shows. The band kicked off their set with “Relentless,” which really set the tone for quite the high-energy show. Frontman Max Kerman jokingly uttered “Metropolis is the church of rock n roll isn’t it?” during their rendition of “Show Me Don’t Tell Me,” while also alluding to previous shows such as their notable Osheaga Festival performance back in 2017 as well as their earlier shows at both Petit Campus and the Corona Theatre. “The rhythm of the city is like no other in the country,” exclaimed Kerman before the band proceeded to play some of the newer tunes from their latest record. Kerman then jumped into the inviting crowd, handing out a handful of doctors notes to fans during “Oh, The Boss is Coming!”

The people’s champ band closed off their set with a cover of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” before playing “My Heart’s Always Yours” which undoubtedly made for the perfect way of culminate their Canadian tour. I am definitely looking forward to the next time Arkells are in town. Perhaps they’ll be back for Osheaga this year so keep your fingers crossed!

Arkells’ lengthy set list consisted of:

  1. “Relentless”
  2. “Leather Jacket”
  3. “Michigan Left”
  4. “Never Thought That This Would Happen”
  5. “Show Me Don’t Tell Me”
  6. “No Champaign Socialist/ Oh, The Boss is Coming!”
  7. “Eyes on the Prize”
  8. “American Screams”
  9. “People’s Champ”
  10. “Kiss Cam”
  11. “Only for a Moment”
  12. “Come to Light”
  13. “And Then Some”
  14. “Bloodlines”
  15. “11:11”
  16. “Saturday Night”
  17. “Whistleblower”
  18. “Knocking at the Door”
  19. “Private School”
  20. “Hand Me Downs”
  21. “Dancing Queen (ABBA cover)”
  22. “My Heart’s Always Yours”

Arkells are due to embark on the American leg of their tour tomorrow in Buffalo for two consecutive dates at the Town Ballroom, alongside indie rockers The Greeting Committee. The band also has a few summer festivals including Firefly, Kendal Calling and TRNSMT lined up for this summer. Click here to view all upcoming tour dates.

Here are more photos from the show:

Watch the video for “American Screams” below:

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