Oh Sees at Le National

By: Sun Noor

The iconic experimental rock outfit Oh Sees made their return to Montreal for a high energy set at Le National on Monday and it was quite epic! Following the release of their twentieth studio album, titled Memory of a Cut Off Head via frontman John Dwyer’s record label, Castle Face, the band released another full-length album titled Smote Reverser in August.

Although their previous tour appeared to be quite extensive, the band embarked on another North American tour earlier this summer after their festival circuit. Unlike most artists, Oh Sees appear to be touring quite a lot over the years and play certain cities at least once a year. The band was joined by the Montreal-based progressive rock five piece, Pottery and various other acts for most cities.The fact that they are consistently putting out new music as well would have made the show a little underwhelming but that was not the case this time around. Instead of putting on a Smote Reverser heavy set, they played a nice collection of songs from their lengthy catalogue. The crowd pretty rowdy for a Monday night, given that the band’s energy was definitely transmitted to the audience. In fact, people started cheering as soon as they took the stage to tune their instruments and bumped their heads along to what seemed like a quick soundcheck. As always, the band played a great collection of songs from their entire catalogue.

Oh Sees’ set list was comprised of:

  1. “Plastic Plant”
  2. “Tidal Wave”
  3. “The Dream”
  4. “Tunnel Time”
  5. “Sticky Hulks”
  6. “Ticklish Warrior”
  7. “C”
  8. “Sentient Oona”
  9. “Animated Violence”
  10. “Toe Cutter-Thumb Buster”
  11. “Contraption/ Soul Desert”

The band is due to wrap up their last few American dates for this run and head to Europe for their remaining tour dates before the end of the year. Click here to purchase tickets to any of their upcoming shows.

Download/stream Smote Reverser here.

Here are more photos from the show:

Watch the triply video of “Overthrown” below:

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