An Invitation to Ron Gallo’s Stardust Birthday Party!

By: Sun Noor

The American garage rock artist, Ron Gallo released his sophomore record, Stardust Birthday Party today following his “Really Nice Guys” EP which was released back in January. Upon releasing this album, Gallo disclosed that coming to an understanding with himself, life events and the notion of generating love and compassion in this lifetime are among the sources of inspiration for this record. Nevertheless, the larger meaning behind this record us very much centered among the human tendency of centering life on its unimportant aspects and his criticisms towards that negative outlook.

Album artwork of Stardust Birthday Party

The opening track of the record, “Who are you? Point to it,” is a of dreamy 47 second number which really sets the tone. The proceeding song, “Always Elsewhere” is a louder, more gritty, guitar-driven and characterized by distorted riffs. This track sheds light on the notion of constantly being focused on meaningless worries regarding the past and future due to dissatisfaction instead of living in the present and enjoying that moment. Gallo exclaims “You think so much you can’t feel the harmony of a trillion cells” which are among some of my favorite passages from this record as overthinking is indeed the root of most problems. As well, he indicates that the meaning of life is simply to enjoy the moment and find happiness within that, which is such an import notion. Gallo also indicates how being self-centered instead of self-aware is equally problematic on songs such as “What do you think of me now,” “Do you Love Your Company” and “Party Tumor.” The sixth number, “You’ Are the Problem” explains how spending too much time over-analyzing also adds to the problem. Moreover, the second half of the record is mostly focused on love and coming together as people. For instance, one of the singles that were released prior to the record, “It’s all Gonna Be Ok” is the track in while the album title was derived from and also my favorite track for its catchy melody, the smooth transition halfway throughout the song that appears to continue onto the following track. As well, it spreads love among all people and positivity and give a sense of reassurance to those who who feel trapped. The album then culminates with “Happy Deathday” which is a slower, acoustic ballad that emphasized the fact that people will all die at some point, regardless of everything they have live up to or attempted, reinforcing the larger message of being present in life.The main reason as to why I was so drawn to this album immediately after my first listen was mainly because of how crucial these messages conveyed by Gallo are in times of chaos especially in this era, given all the negativity arising from difficult times. The record also makes commentary on how living in the present and generating love regardless of differences can create a positive effect.


Ron Gallo Performing at this year’sedition of Osheaga Festival


Ron Gallo is due to embark on seventeen date American tour next month, click here to view the dates and purchase tickets.

Stream Stardust Birthday Party below:


Watch the video for “Always Elsewhere” below:








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