Hatchie Makes her Montreal Debut!

By: Sun Noor

The Australian dream pop artist Hatchie stopped by Bar Le Ritz last night while on tour in support of her debut EP, “Sugar & Spice.” Despite the fact that her set was amongst some of the shortest ones that’s I have witnessed, Hatchie managed to deliver quite the performance.

Hatchie took the stage to a crowd of many including myself who were eager to finally hear the songs that soundtracked our Summer live for this first time. To add to the excitement, the dimly lit Bar Le Ritz appeared to be the perfect setting for this gig, as the colourful wall surrounding the band also complimented the synth-heavy wall of sound being transmitted towards the audience. The gigantic disco ball hovering above various tangled strings of fairy lights gave off an ethereal vibe that suited the band’s dreamy sounds. In terms of Hatchie’s record, “Sugar & Spice” is indeed the perfect way to describe this five-track masterpiece that entails of a collection of sweet pop tunes and a few numbers that are slightly melancholic yet still quite upbeat. Interestingly, her sound encompasses a cross between multiple genres from shoegaze and dream pop to progressive rock, which all compliment her vocals. For instance, the melodic elements derived from pop music, as as heavy synths and guitar-driven distorted sounds. Hatchie is due to release her full length debut record sometime next year and I am definitely looking forward to hearing more of her music!


Stream “Sugar & Spice” Below:


Here are more photos from the show:


Watch the video for “Sleep” below:









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