The Front Bottoms Make a Stop at the Corona Theatre on Their “Ann” Tour!

By: Sun Noor

After releasing their latest EP, “Ann,” The Front Bottoms have embarked on an extensive tour across North America. The band made their way to Montreal last week, in order to play the Corona Theatre alongside alternative hip hop artist Hobo Johnson and his band The Lovemakers. The audience was in for quite the gig, since both bands put on quite the amusing set.The show was quite well-balanced with the comedic bits from Hobo Johnson’s set and the tracks that were slightly more towards the angsty and melancholic side found The Front Bottoms’ setlist. Nonetheless, It seemed as though audience members could really resonate with both artists, as if the music really spoke to them, which was wonderful.

“Ann” was released earlier last month following the release of their most recent record Going Grey. Interestingly, this EP was also named after frontman Brian Stella’s grandmother which is not absurd as the “Rose” EP from 2014 was dedicated to drummer Mathew Uychich’s grand mother. For this leg of the tour, The Front Bottoms have been playing two full sets.divided in three parts. First the entirety of the “Rose” EP was played followed by “Ann” and culminating their set with all of Going Grey as well as a handful of other tracks from their catalogue. Aesthetically, the stage set up looked pretty comforting and pleasing since it consisted of a living room with a few dim lamps, couches and an old television set. The back drops were based of the album covers for all three records and changed throughout each part. My favourite aspect of this set was undoubtedly Stella’s awkward yet hilarious stage banter. The frontman continuously rambled about how much he was enjoying this Friday night despite it being Saturday. Either way, their set was exceptional, regardless of what day of the week it took place.

The band’s generous set consisted of:

“Rose EP” (Part I)

  • Flying Model Rockets
  • Lipstick Covered Magnet
  • Twelve Feet Deep
  • Jim Bogart
  • Be Nice to Me
  • Awkward Conversations

“Ann” EP

  • Today is Not Real
  • Somebody Else
  • I Think Your Nose is Bleeding
  • Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)
  • Lonely Eyes
  • Tye Dye Dragon

Going Grey (Part II)

  • You Used to Say (Holy Fuck)
  • Peace Sign
  • Bae
  • Vacation Town
  • Don’t Fill Up on Chips
  • Bonus Track 1
  • Grand Finale
  • Trampoline
  • Raining
  • Bonus Track 2
  • Far Drive
  • Everyone but You
  • Ocean


  • Au Revoir (Adios
  • The Beers

The Front Bottoms are due to culminate their tour within the next couple of weeks before

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Download/stream Ann here!

Here are more photos from the show:


   Watch the video for “Tie Dye Dragon” below: 

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