Unknown Mortal Orchestra Bring us into Their World of Indulgence and Bliss at The Corona Theatre

By: Sun Noor

Unknown Mortal Orchestra by Sun Noor

The New Zealand-based psychedelic and noise rock outfit stopped by Montreal a few nights ago on the North-American leg of their tour, in support of their latest record, Sex & Food.

Many fans of Unknown Mortal Orchestra were happy to have finally gotten a hold of this new record a few weeks ago, as it marked three years since the release of their critically acclaimed, third studio album entitled Multi-Love. The heavily distorted guitar riffs and experimentation with different genres such as r&b and soul can equally be found on Sex and Food, as much of the songs are rather slow yet still danceable, making for a great live show. Evidently, the title of the record sums it up as frontman Ruban Nielsen has mentioned that its inspiration was drawn from the elements of life that he enjoyed. This also sets the tone for the record as it appears quite relaxing. Although UMO’s live sets are usually accompanied with psychedelic visuals and heavily lighting, the band managed to transform their stage into a cozy living room that oozes with fluorescent pink lighting and filled with plants, fuzzy carpets and comfy chairs. They have even included a turntable in which they played a backing track towards the end of their set.

Nielsen’s energy was then transmitted into the crowd as soon as he jumped into it and made his way across the venue and onto the balcony while simultaneously playing guitar the entire way before making his way back onto the stage, which blew all of our minds! He also crowd surfed throughout the first portion of “Not in Love We’re Just High.” The setlist mostly consisted of their new songs, creating a pleasant ambiance, as every aspect of their live performance appeared quite intricate, allowing us to truly loose ourselves into the music. Unknown Mortal Orchestra definitely taught us that Tuesday nights are now equivalent to new Friday nights with their mesmerizing set.

Here are a few shots from the show:

Download or stream Sex & Foodhere and click here to purchase tickets to their upcoming tour dates.

Watch the UMO’s music video for ” Everyone acts Crazy Nowadays” below

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