Listen to Ouri’s Latest Single, Ossature

The Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and producer released the first track off of her upcoming record, Frame of a Fauna.

“Ossature,” is a dreamy, atmospheric piece, characterised by Ouri’s airy vocals and sharp, syncopated strings. The artist continues to experiment with various sounds and textures that moves the song forward. This pleasantly unpredictable track also single also features a sample of PTU’s “Intact Alef.”

On the topic of this composition, Ouri mentions “I revisited the iconic, agile and tense sample of ‘Intact Alef’ by PTU from one of my favourite labels трип records for this song. Rebellious choruses fight submissive verses, puncturing the classical nuances with industrial abrasions and heavy drum samples – tearing down any attempt to keep a disciplined and soft self on top.”

With Frame of a Fauna, Ouri experiments with big orchestral sounds to create a unique soundscape that fuses various sounds. Throughout the record, she explores the topic of hardship and its emotional weight, through a personified lens.

Listen to “Ossature,” here

Artwork for Frame of a Fauna by Derek Branscombe

Frame of a Fauna‘s tracklist:
1. Ossature

2. The More I Feel

3. Two

4. Odd or God (ft. Mind Bath)

5. High & Choking Pt 1

6. Fear of Being Watched

7. Fonction Naturelle

8. Wrong Breed

9. Chains

10. En Mon Doux Sein

11. Shape of It

12. Too Fast No Pain (ft. mobilegirl)

13. Felicity (ft. Antony Carle)

14. Grip

Preorder Frame of a Fauna here.

Ouri has two upcoming live dates in Quebec; a record release show on October 27 at Phi Center and November 11 at Pantoum. Click here to purchase tickets.

Header photo: Ouri by Kane

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