Premiere: Broke Royals’ Postcard

Listen to the D.C rock trio’s upcoming single produced by Bartees Strange before it’s official release date!

“Postcard” is punchy, high-energy and builds up to an infectious chorus, setting the tone for their upcoming album. At the beginning of 2020, the band wanted to capture the grittiness of their live sound as they began to work on their third album. This is where Bartees Strange comes in, encouraging the band to include synth and horn elements, pushing away from their boundaries.

The single emerged when vocalist Phillip Basnight stumbled upon a postcard from an old relationship last year. “I carried that lyric around for years before I found the right story,” says Basnight. “[Finding the postcard] took me back to that exact headspace: the last great moment we shared before the relationship ended. It fit the lyric I had exactly and, all of the sudden, the whole song came to life.”

Listen to “Postcard” below:

Photo credit: Gabe Garcia

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