Indie Montréal’s Les Insolitudes showcase series kicks off tomorrow!

This new series will be taking place from August 18th to 20th 2021 at Ausgang Plaza.

The in-person event consists of three nights, three showcases and nine different artist performances. Each show is thematic and will include a unique stage set up in collaboration with Pestacle and Huis Clos. Each show is build around specific musical themes, colours, textures that will immerse the audience in the experience. The venue will hold a maximum capacity of 100 people for each show.

Les Insolitudes kicks off on August 18th with a psychedelic evening, consisting of performances by artists MIELS, Hippie Hourrah and Elephant Stone. The following showcases will be centred around the theme of multiculturalism featuring musicians Funk Lion, Djely Tapa and Briga. The final showcases will consist of a more urban lineup with eclectic performances by Ragers, Sarahmée and Urban Science Brass Band.

Les Insolitudes showcase series aims to create unforgettable moments that will transport audience members into a unique musical universe featuring local artists. A few tickets are still available for some of the showcases. 3 day ticket passports are also available here!

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