Hélène Barbier Shares Get a Grip Ahead of her Upcoming Album Release

The Montreal-based musician’s sophomore record Regulus is due on June 18th via Michel Records and Celluloid Lunch (LP release).

“Get a Grip” is Barbier’s second offering before unveiling her full record. The track consists of a stripped, rhythmic interplay that will undoubtedly place you in a trance. The lyrics tell a story of the responsibility one has to ensure their own happiness.

The visual directed by Rafael Sommerhalder consists of waking up from an offset dream shaken up. When speaking of his vision, he mentions ” I wanted to create still lifes of a cruel nightmare. Drowning, stabbing, burning, almost breaking. Circling fantasies enacted by objects. I hope that in combination with the music, the voice, the lyrics, these lifeless things will start to resonate and provoke an emotion and an odd smile despite the darkness.”

On Regulus, Barbier pairs hummable lines and alluring melodies with hummable lines to create pleasantly peculiar tunes. This juxtaposition of four simple notes alongside four disorienting and dissimilar ones create complexity.

Regulus is out on June 18th via Michel Records (digital/cd) and Celluoid lunch (LP)  preorder here. 

Header photo credit: Dominic Berthiaume

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