La Chapelle’s Acoustic Sessions Return For Their 3rd Edition!

Julie Doiron, Dany Placard, Michael Feuerstack (feat. Laurel Sprengelmeyer), Erika Angell, Helena Deland and Ouri will play intimate shows between May 14th to 16th at Montreal’s performance art institution, Theatre La Chapelle.

La Chapelle’s Acoustic Sessions consists of an innovative way to listen to music. The performances offer a uniquely intimate and refined , minimalistic experience as microphones and amplifiers are not part of the experience. This allows the limited audience to be closer to the artists and hear their music in a raw manner. With artists having limited opportunities to play live shows, this edition will bring forth lots of creativity.

The Acoustic Sessions came about in February 2019 and returned towards the end of that year. This edition marks the first sessions in over a year, as the annual event will resume in an in-person, socially-distant manner.

La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines is an experimental and interdisciplinary theatre and a key institution for Montreal’s performing arts for the past 30 years. New creative talents and fresh practices are showcased each season and the space has plenty of creativity to offer, as it is constantly reinventing itself.

Event Lineup:

Friday May 14th: Julie/Dany 7pm

Saturday May 15th: Michael Feuerstack (feat. Laurel Sprengelmeyer) Erika Angell 7pm

Sunday May 16th: Helena Deland and Ouri 2pm, second set 4pm

A few tickets are available here

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