Watch Mirabelle’s Stunning Visual for Phénomène

The Montreal-based artist unveiled the music video for the single from her debut record, Late Bloomer which was released last year via Simone Records.

By: Sun Noor

Late Bloomer consists of an inventive and intimate record with a warm and brooding appeal by musician Laurence Hélie, who releases her music under pseudonym Mirabelle. Over the course of two years, she put together this alluring record regarding themes of self-acceptance and the celebration of oneself. Hélie collaborated with bassist and guitarist Warren C. Spicer and drummer Matthew Woolley from Plants and Animals, as well as Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux who is know for his work with Organ Mood, Lesser Evil and Chocolat on synthesizers.

The alluring, elegant music video with a nostalgic lo-fi aesthetic for “Phénomène” was directed by Frederique Bérubé, who also worked on the visuals for the tracks “Betty” and “Cheated” off Late Bloomer. Stylist Camille Pépin also collaborated on this project. In terms of her ideas for this video, Hélie explains, “One of the common threads on Late Bloomer is my youth, my adolescence. For this video, I dove right into the 90’s with influences from that era. I remember watching so many music videos as a teenager and taping my favourite ones to VHS. I wanted the video for this song to be modern and lo-fi at the same time – fashion-y, fun and colourful.”

Download/ stream Late Bloomer here.

Watch the video for “Phénomène” below:

Header photo credit: Frédérique Bérubé

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