Laure Briard Returns With new Single, Supertrama

Laure Briard’s “Eu Voo” EP is due on February 19 via Michel Records (North America), Midnight Special Records (EU) and Dinosaur City (Australia/NZ)

By: Sun Noor

Supertrama” plays as a ballad with subtle arrangements complementing Briard’s vocals which appear to be the central element of the track. With this EP, she explores themes of love, sadness, voyage, magic and milysticism and the intensity of emotion.

Briard originally came up with the piano melody before collaborating with Brazilian musician and composer Giovanni Cidreira, who co-wrote the lyrics, which are sung in Portuguese. Briard then put the track together at the Dissension Studio in São Paulo with the psych rock group, Boogarins.

Cover art for “Euu Voo.”

When talking about the song’s creative process, Briard mentions, “I met Giovani through the Boogarins, who he both collaborates and shares a friendship with. I admire Giovani’s voice, his words, his stories, and the possibility of working with him one day quickly became a reality. Once I’d written the melody of ‘Supertrama’, I took the plunge and asked Giovani if he would write the lyrics with me. He took the melody and wrote lyrics that don’t quite tell a story, but rather feelings, impressions, and memories. Just like the rest of the EP, the arrangements were made in real-time in the studio. Pieuvre Convex was responsible for the final modulation of the track – he’s a king in that area!”

In terms of her collaboration with Boogarins, Briard adds, “ I was lucky to have Dino, the singer of the Boogarins, suggest songs to me each time. He wrote ‘Passaros’ and his sister ‘Morena na Janela’. My contributions were a mystic text about my favorite goddess Yemanja, goddess of the sea, which I sent to the artist Gabriela from the group My Magical Glowing Lens, and a melody, sent to Giovana Cidreira. These two respective songs, ‘Supertrama’ and ‘Respire’ were first written remotely and the studio end-result was magic. I still worked with Pieuvre and we wrote ‘Não me diz nada’ together. I composed ‘Eu Voo’ alone, a title that we had already recorded on the first EP but didn’t finish because of lack of time.”

Preorder “Eu Voo” here

Listen to “Supertrama,” below:

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