Laure Briard Unveils Details of her New EP and Releases First Single, Eu Vôo

The French artist is due to release her follow up record to last year’s Un peu plus d’amour s’il vous plaît LP is due on February of 2021

By: Sun Noor

2018 saw the release of Coracão Louco, which was the beginning of her friendship and collaboration with Brazilian psych rockers Boogarins, influencing her to dive into her Portuguese musical journey. Briard once again collaborated with the renowned group and will be releasing a new EP that is entirely in Portuguese.

“Eu Vôo,” reunited Laure with Boogarins, as well as her long-time partners Octopus (Vincent Guyot) and Marius Duflot for this ambitious new release. The record consists of a mix of psychedelic sounds, jazz and bossa nova, creating a bright and joyful soundscape with a tropical ambience.

The record was composed at Laure’a home following a few months after her trip to Brazil in 2017, although the record was recorded only this year at São Paulo’s prestigious studio, Dissenso. In terms of its context, Laure adds, “Eu Voo’ is a song about crossing the ocean to find one’s beloved. During the new recording session in January, I absolutely wanted to do the song while changing the initial arrangements: accelerate the tempo and make it more punchy, catchy. With the Boogarins in the chorus singing with me “estou a travessar o oceano,” I cross the sea!

For the visual component of the single, Laure once again collaborated with artist and director NORMA, whose eye for the mood evoked by the music complements the single really well.

Preorder “Eu Vôo,” here.

Watch the video for “Eu Vôo,” below:

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