Watch Das Mörtal’s Haunting Visual for Single, It Comes

The Chilo-Montreal based electronic producer returns with a brand new visual, following the release of his latest album, Miami Beach Witches via Lisbon Lux Records.

By: Sun Noor

What better way is there to celebrate Friday the 13th than the release of a music video that pays homage to the occult, witchcraft and the supernatural. With this dark and moody yet danceable number, Das Mörtal collaborated with director Kevin Funk for a stunning visual that encapsulates the aura of witchcraft stories.

In terms of its context, “It Comes,” consists of a narrative demonstrating sorority, vengeance and matriarchal power, which are themes developed by Funk upon first listen. He mentions, ” As soon as I heard the song, the visual language of the dark and witchy aesthetic came to mind. I loved the idea of revisiting the 90s movies and to work with this nostalgia while recontextualizing this genre with a certain urgency and giving this trope new and accurate meaning.”  His vision undoubtedly complements the mood of the record, making this stunning visual very fitting.

Download/stream Miami Beach Witches, here!

Watch the video of “It Comes,” below:

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