POP Montreal’s Hybrid Edition Kicks off Today!

The festival returns for its 19th edition with a wide selection of concerts and panels happening both in person and online.

By: Sun Noor

Despite COVID-19 restrictions making it increasingly difficult to put on an event at its full capacity, the festival organizers at POP Montreal came up with an elaborate plan to still make their annual late September festivities happen. Nonetheless, significantly downsizing the live aspects of these events does have a positive impact as it highlights the importance of supporting Montreal-based artists, as they make up the majority of the lineup. Backxwash, Maryze, Plants and Animals, Jonathan Personne and Hanorah are among the various artists playing intimate shows throughout the week while other artists such as No Joy and Bodywash play special sets that will be exclusively live-streamed. A handful of Canadian artists who are not based in Montreal such as Lido Pimienta and Jeremy Dutcher will also play shows in the city. The venues for performances include The Rialto Theatre and rooftop, Le Ministere, Ursa as well as plenty of other outdoor locations. Other events include openings of Art POP which consists of this year’s art installations, online and in person panels and talks, as well as a handful of film screenings at Cinema Moderne. As usual, the festival has a bunch of last-minute surprises in store for everyone!

The regulations for this year’s edition

Having a hybrid edition will also allow viewers from around the world to tune in and enjoy as all if not the majority of performances will be live-streamed at Le Fun House. As well, most shows will include the

Part of this year’s lineup

For more information and all the listings for this year’s POP Montreal festival, Click here.

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