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Gina Assunta Releases her Debut EP, “Thinking too Loud.”

Gina Assunta is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and fascinating new additions to Montreal’s extensive music scene. The release of her first ever single, “Be Good,” back in January paved the way for an exciting debut.

By: Sun Noor

The singer-songwriter and producer released her well-awaited debut earlier last week.  The enthralling record explores themes regarding the meaning of love as well as loss through an atmospheric soundscape. The crisp production paired with Assunta’s powerful vocals make for an endlessly record with a soothing and alluring ambience. In terms of collaborators, Assunta has worked with sound engineer Roberto Viglione, who has lent a hand in producing “Letting You Go” and “Dive In.” This project essentially serves as an glimpse into her world as a passionate individual who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Album art for “Thinking too Loud,” created by Kawter Chougui

The projects commences with “The Awakening,” an insanely atmospheric and haunting track that serves as the perfect opener with an introduction to Assunta’s captivating vocals and clean cut production techniques. The music arrangements appear to build up as the song goes on and becomes more apparent towards the end, characterizing the whirlwind of emotions being conveyed.

It appears as though Assunta is painting a picture of her inner thoughts through the arrangements and presenting each detail.  “Dive In,” creates a contrasting effect, as this number is much of more calming. The soothing harmonies accompanied by her wide vocal range create an alluring effect.

The following track “Half of Me,” is my favourite track of the record, given that it has plenty of layers sonically. The production elements present  a wave clashing between the crescendo and highlighting her powerful vocals. Assunta describes a story regarding a lover taking over her identity. Her higher pitched vocals and strong harmonies blending well with the instrumentation towards the end, fading into the lead single”Be Good.”

This assertive number not only shifts the tone but also introduces new elements such as piano and guitar strings. The manner in which this track shifts at each verse adds  suspenseful element.

The EP ends with “Letting You Go,” which serves as the ending of this chapter. This balladesque number consists of Assunta’s piercing vocals being led by subtle keys. Toning down the effects and amplifying the vocals adds to the rawness of her heartfelt lyrics. This project sheds light on the challenges of letting go and attempting to move forward through this refreshing  record.

Download/Stream “Thinking too Loud,” here.

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Watch the alluring visual for “Be Good,” below:

3 comments on “Gina Assunta Releases her Debut EP, “Thinking too Loud.”

  1. Claudia D’Anello

    Fantastic Debut Gina Assunta. Vocals and sounds are on point and so looking forward to hearing more of this talented Canadian artist. Keep thinking loud.


  2. Carolina Lagana

    I am so proud of you. Auguri my dea.


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