Detroit’s Shadow Show Discuss all Things Silhouettes

By: Sun Noor

Guitarist and vocalist Ava East, bassist Kate Derringer and drummer Kerrigan Pearce make up Shadow Show, the self-proclaimed power trio of mysterious hue as well as, one of Detroit’s most exciting up and coming bands. Their alluring mixture of sounds from garage, 60s psychedelic and noise rock, paired with their unique and stylish appearance and enthralling stage presence immediately drew listeners in with their debut single, “Glass Eye,” back in 2018. The outfit also appears to remain consistent with their sound, developing their sound in a gradual manner, which will only lead to many promising records to come. Following the release of their latest singles, “Charades” and “Shadow Box,” which gave listeners a glimpse who what to expect and setting the tone for the record, the three piece are due to release the full length in two weeks time. I caught up with the band shortly before their Taverne Tour set for the festival’s afterparty.


You’re about to play some of your first set of show of the year, how are you feeling about that?

“We’re almost on our way to New York we’ve been driving since 5 am, which is surprising for us. It’s great we have a lot of stuff lined up for the whole year so we’re excited to get rolling with things. Before January we haven’t been playing shows since August because we were kind of off doing our own thing and working on getting this album put out it feels good be be back. It’s our time! ”

As well, there’s just a few weeks left till the release of Silhouettes, your debut record, how do you feel about that?

“We’re so excited this has been a project we worked long and hard on and it’s like that set feeling when it’s almost Christmas or your birthday or something exciting. We have a big show planned with all of our friends and it’s going to be like a big celebration. I just hope people dig the record, we like it so we’re happy about this. Kate recorded and mixed the album and it’s the first album she’s ever worked on like that and so this is the first of many that we’ll be excited about.”

Tell me bit about the creative process behind putting this record together.

“It was really a fun opportunity it just us in the studio alone in the studio with total creative control, no outside voices so we were really able to be ourselves and complete a record that really is just a reflection of who we are. We’ve been working on these songs since like 2018 so we had this record in the works for over a year now so it feels good to be able to show everyone. We’re also starting to work on our next record.”

Why did you pick “Charades” and “Shadow Box” as the albums singles?

“We found that those tracks really captured what to expect from the rest of the album very well.”

You’ve also just released the music video for Charades, how was putting that together and working with Bobby Harlow like?

“It was really fun. We just went there and went with it and it was nice experience working with Bobby Harlow and we were very satisfied with the final outcome. We believe that Bobby really capture our lives in Detroit and what we’re usually up to, which was nice.”



Do you plan on releasing another single before the release?

“We have something planned but for after the release in a few months. We didn’t think it would be a good idea to release one right before the record. We definitely have something in store though, we have a single that will be on a 7 inch and has a music video.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

“Going to Europe it’s going to be our first time will be very exciting, we can’t wait to go to cities like Italy and Spain and also for our show there.”

What are your current favourite records at the moment?

“We’ve been really into The Cake not the more recent rock band Cake, but the group from the 60s. We all got pretty into their music and have been enjoying that.”


The release of Silhouettes is only one week away, click here to preorder the record.

Keep up with all things Shadow Show here.


Header photo by Noah Elliot Morrison.


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