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Maryze Unveils a Dreamy Visual for B.O.Y

By: Sun Noor

The Montreal-based pop and R&B songstress pays homage to her Celtic witchcraft roots in the alluring music video for her latest single.roots with the release of her stunning music video for her well acclaimed debut single.

In terms of her vision for this song, Maryze wanted to incorporate elements of the tradition of magic inspired by her ancestry in order to showcase the aspect of controlling one’s own narrative by overcoming hardship and turning that pain into power. When describing what influenced this track, Maryze states  “B.O.Y.” (because of you) is about reclaiming control from whatever toxic pattern is holding you back, whether it’s within yourself or with another person. I wrote it at a scary time when I had become very self-destructive while combating depression and anxiety following sexual assault. The song was a way to empower myself and others struggling with similar issues.” 


Watch the video for “B.O.Y” below:












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