Vince Staples Releases New Single,”Sheet Music.”

By: Sun Noor

The Long Beach rapper released the another melodic single with a visual from his upcoming project, The Vince Staples Show which is due later on this year.

This episode presents a situation where Staples is caught in an exaggerated situation regarding infidelity and features guest appearances by rappers  Buddy and Ray J. The skit undoubtedly captures the essence of the track as it compliments Staples’ witty and comedic lyrics very well. The single might be the shortest number on this project as it barely runs two minutes but has the potential to be a great segue from the first song into the next. The manner in which the song is structured with the verses consisting of the chorus also compliments the beat. “Sheet Music” does not pick up its narrative from the the previous episode, giving the project potential to present different scenarios that accompany each track. Perhaps the visuals might also not be placed in order and still present a cohesive storyline. Either way, the record should be out soon and will definitely unveil the remaining chapters of the story.

Download/stream “Sheet Music,” here

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Watch episode 2 of The Vince Staples Show below:

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