An Evening with Deerhunter

By: Sun Noor

Deerhunter found their way back to Montreal’s Le National last night for another memorable gig last. This time around, the band was continuing the first North American leg of the tour in support of their well-awaited eighth studio album, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? which was released last month via 4AD.

Harpist Mary Lattimore joined the outfit as an opener for this leg of the tour, kicking off the show gracing the room with her intricate compositions and minimalist stage set up.  kicked off the show the show, gracing the room with her intricate compositions. The rowdy crowd managed to slowly fade into complete and utter silence as she began to play her first track. She played her first few tracks alone accompanied a Salzedo in which she called her dream harp and a set of pedals before introducing Lockett Pundt (Deerhunter’s lead guitarist) to play a few songs. “I like to try something different each night” she exclaimed before Pundt began to play the opening chords. The duo managed to compliment each other without having to overpower each other. As well, having quite the minimalist stage set up allowed for all the attention to be focused directly towards her.

 Following Lattimore’s blissful set, the audience was met with Deerhunter who commenced their with a noisy, distorted and echoing jam session, followed by their first track, “Cryptogram.” before fading into “Death in Midsummer.” Interestingly, they played a handful of their newer songs such as “Futurism,” by adding a twist to it , which was interesting to hear. Front man Bradford Cox also made some awkward attempts of stage banter before introducing some of their latest numbers. As well, instead of playing a set that mainly consisted of the newer tracks, they played a well-balanced set by having a set list that consists of tracks from most of their records as well as a handful of fan favorites such as “Agoraphobia” which many anticipated. Towards the end of the their set, Cox decided to jump into the crowd, dancing serenading fans with “Monomania” which left many of us wanting more and expecting another encore since the band play quite a short set.  

  • The setlist consisted of:
    • “Cryptogram”
      “Death in Midsummer”
      “No One’s Sleeping”
      “What Happens to People”
      “Desired Lines”
      “Take Care”
      “Disappearing Ink”
      “He Would Have Laughed”
      “Cover me Slowly” (encore)
      “Agoraphobia” (encore)
      “Monomania” (encore)

    This currently leg of Deerhunter’s tour is due to end at SXSW festival in a few weeks at Austin’s Mohawk . The band is also due to make a few stops at festivals such as Atlanta’s Shaky Knees before embarking on the European leg of their tour. Click here to view all upcoming tour dates.


    The band culminated their set by playing a

    Here are more photos from the show:

    Watch the video for “Death in Midsummer” below:

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