Pond at La Sala Rossa

By: Sun Noor

The Australian psychedelic rock band Pond stopped by Montreal’s La Sala Rossa last night, making their return to the city four years later. The band embarked on another North American tour earlier this fall soon after releasing their latest track titled “Sixteen Days,” which is the second single off their forthcoming, eight studio album.

The five-piece was joined by Captured Tracks artist Juan Wauters for this show, which the crowd was soon to adore. The Uruguayan singer played quite an interactive set. Despite having played a generous set, Wauters reserved the majority of the set to participating in races with audience members and chanting two of the same songs continuously until the crowd sang back, leaving a favourable impression on most people. Wauters also played a couple of songs before proceeding to continue with the rest of his comedic bits.

Juan Wauters


Unlike most of their shows on this tour, Pond toned it down a bit in terms of their staging set up. Instead of placing their usual backdrop that showcase psychedelic visuals complementing their songs, they opted to leave it behind keeping things minimal for this intimate show. Nonetheless, that did not take much from their performance as the band was met with a rowdy crowd maintained the same energy as the majority of their shows. Frontman Nick Allbrook’s took the stage covered in glitter as usual. His radiant and energetic stage presence was transmitted to the audience soon as he jumped into the crowd for “Sweep Me off My Feet.” Pond played a wide range of songs from their extensive catalogue including both of their newest singles. Although the majority of the crowd expected the band to perform some of their unreleased material which did not end up happening, both singles make for a quite promising upcoming record. I am definitely looking forward to hearing new material as well as the band’s next tour.

Nick Allbrook of Pond


Pond’s set list consisted of:

  1. “30,000 Megatons”
  2. “Sweep Me off My Feet”
  3. “Sixteen Days”
  4. “Waiting Around for Grace”
  5. “Whatever Happened to the Million Head Collide /Alpha Beta Gaga”
  6. “Fire in the Water”
  7. “Zen Automaton”
  8. “Don’t Look at the Sun or You’ll Go Blind”
  9. “Burnt Out Star”
  10. “Giant Tortoise”
  11. “Paint Me Silver”
  12. “The Weather”
  13. “Midnight Mass” (encore)
  14. “Man It Feels Like Space Again” (encore)

The band is due to culminate their current tour within the upcoming days before playing Mexico’s Corona Capital festival next week before heading back to Australia for a series of shows in December. Click here to view the tour dates and purchase tickets.

Here are more photos from the show:

Jay Watson of Pond

Watch the video for “Sixteen Days” below:

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