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HOAX Release Brand new Single”Moon Moon Baby” off Their Upcoming Album

By: Sun Noor

The Brooklyn-based indie alt-soul outfit HOAX have released the first single off their upcoming full-length album, “Moon Moon Baby” today and it definitely sets the tone for the upcoming debut record. Like most of their singles, this number has quite the dreamy melody, which undoubtedly complements the frontman’s velvet vocals. The track is equally upbeat and endlessly re-playable, which are evidently some of the main attributes of a lead single, leaving fans wanting more.

image006 (1)
Fan art for single


HOAX consists of vocalist Mike Raj, bassist Frantz Caesar, guitarists Paul Brower and Kevin Lopez as well as drummer Jacob Lopez. The band formed three years ago while studying at Hofstra University. The band has been quite active since then, as they released their debut singles shortly after. They also managed to release two EPs; “The Truth and Other Lies” and “Words That End With Wh(y)” which came out last year. Both records contain elements of R&B, hip hop and indie rock, something that differentiates them from the majority of alternative bands or their comparisons. It appears as though this band continues to develop their sound. I really look forward to listening to the rest of band’s releases.

HOAX by Devon Bideau

Stream “Moon Moon Baby” on Spotify  below:

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