Dancing into the Unknown to Barbagallo’s new Record!

Sun Noor

Following  the international release of his sophomore solo record Grand Chien under the pseudonym, Barbagallo, singer and multi-instrumentalist Julien Barbagallo released his third length record titled: Danse Dans Les Ailleurs (Dancing Elsewhere).

Image result for danse dans les ailleurs
Album artwork for Danse Dans Les Ailleurs

Barbagallo’s latest release appears to be slightly different from his previous works with the inclusion of more horn instruments such as the saxophone as well as more keys. In fact, the majority the tracks are equally made up of up beat, melodic hooks, which make for more catchy tracks on this number.

In a recent interview, Barbagallo indicated that he continues to work efficiently and on his own as that is the easiest approach for him when putting records together. That certainly explains why the mastering and the production on the album appears to be perfect! Some of my favourite tracks off the record include “Les Mains Lentes” which is a ballad that transitions into a slower track melody wise. As well, the sax solo incorporated overpowers the initial instruments before the last hook, which overall ameliorates the song. “Les Grandes Visions” is another one I really enjoy, as it mainly consists of an upbeat melody, yet is marked by Barbagallo’s harmonies. The record also contains a collaborate track called ” L’Offrandre” which features Erland Øye, the lead vocalist of the Norwegian alternative rock band, Kings of Conveniences. When asked how that came about, Barbagallo mentioned being reminiscent of their music and drew inspiration from that , which lead to Øye joining him on the track on several verses. Danae Dans Les Ailleurs offers the perfect balance of dreamy pop songs and acoustic ballads that are both endlessly replayable. I’m definitely forward to hearing more of Barbagallo releases.

Click here to purchase tickets to any of Barbagallo’s upcoming French tour dates.

Watch Barabagallo’s full KEXP performance from last year below:

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