Premiere: Charlie Reed (Twin Peaks, Divino Niño, Spread Joy) Unveil Lead Single, Don’t Drop Me

The Chicago-based band offer a glimpse of their upcoming record Eddy, which is due on May 1, 2022 via Earth Libraries.

Charlie Reed emerged from the ashes Luke Trimble’s previous band Uh Bones. With this project, the fuzzy guitars becomes more refined, creating a warmer, George Harrison-esque acoustic ambience. The decision to name this band after a nonexistent person was a rather egoless decision for Trimble. The current lineup consists of backing from Justin Vittori (Divino Niño) on guitar, and Croom (Twin Peaks) on pedal steel guitar, Nick Beaudoin (Spread Joy) on bass, Nolan Chin on piano and organ and Nora Chin on backing vocals. The band also incorporated more drums, elements of violin and viola during their recordings, expanding their sound.

“Don’t Drop Me,” is characterized by a warm guitar sound and Trimble’s prominent paired with the backing vocal harmonies. When writing this track, he mentions, “I was reminiscing on one of my first long term relationships. In the time that we broke up (them w me) I couldn’t believe that it was happening and what I had done to be ‘dropped’ or left behind. In retrospect I realize that I was in such a deep depression that I had no capacity to love this person anymore. In their eyes I was taking the relationship for granted […]

In terms of structure Trimble adds, “The bones of the song was first tracked live. Bass, drums, acoustic guitar. Starting off I didn’t think much besides I liked the hook. Since we hadn’t really rehearsed it I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. That enabled me to have some fun with the song. I pieced some of the instruments together at my home. Vocals, electric guitar, and Nolan on My upright piano. Later, Colin added some awesome guitar lead and keys that really brought the song together making it one of my favorites on the album.”

Listen to “Don’t Drop Me,” here

Album artwork for Eddy by Hayley Grimes

Track list for Eddy

1. All Again
2. Love Store Stickup
3. Holding On
4. Helpless
5. Leave Me In Here
6. Too Late Mama
7. Baby Who Are You
8. Don’t Drop Me
9. Your Hair Is Nice
10. Saving Up

Watch the video for “Don’t Drop Me,” below

Header photo credit: Josh Johnson

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