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Maryze Returns with Too Late

The bilingual alt-pop artist releases a nostalgic, 80s-inspired pop banger with an alluring self-directed visual.

Maryse is back with her first release of the year, a juxtaposition of 80s pop music and anthemic vocals exploring themes of fear and uncertainty. This enthralling, synth-driven, emo banger was produced by her long-time collaborator Solomon K-I who fuses bouncy bass lines, syncopated rhythms and 80s drum machines, complementing Maryze’s lush and prominent vocals.

Single artwork for “Too Late”

“Too Late” plays as a preview to her upcoming full-length debut which is due this fall via Hot Tramp Records. In terms of the music video, the retro and alluring visuals for the single were shot between Montreal and Vancouver.

Maryze adds, “I wrote this song when I was feeling both frustrated about wasting time, and also completely unable to motivate myself in the pandemic,” explains Maryze. “I was kicking myself while I was down, which obviously isn’t helpful to get back up. For some reason, even if the lyrics are pretty depressing, the song came out upbeat and dancey. I immediately heard it with an 80s beat –
the era of sad dancefloor hits.”

Watch the video for “Too Late” below:

Header photo: still from music video.

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